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Cos’s Burgundy Perfection

In Clothes, Uncategorized on October 5, 2011 at 8:33 am


When Cos released their Autumn/Winter catalogue the first picture of this post was a part of their editorial section to advertise the collection, straight away I was intrigued by the construction of this burgundy coat with folded shoulders and no seams on the sleeves. The color is perfection, the look sleek and minimal and the construction simply brilliant. For a piece from a high street brand although Cos is much more than that it is nevertheless really good. I obviously decided it was a must have piece for my Winter wardrobe and started my search, after a month of regular visits to the shop and multiple phone calls which made me feel I was somewhat a creepy stalker, last Saturday the coat finally arrived and it is everything it promised to be when I first took a glimpse at the image. For those of you who don’t know Cos it is the sister brand of H&M, a much more grown up and sophisticated sister with minimal cuts, great knits and every quality wardrobe basic you may need. They have multiple stores in London offering womanswear, menswear and a children’s line. They have also launched their online store last week, so even if you don’t have a store in your country now you have a very decent selection online. For the price of the products the fabrics are great as well as the finishing of most pieces, the same cannot be said of many brands that are more expensive and don’t deliver as much.