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Melancholia is the new film by director Lars Von Trier that will be hitting the cinemas in London tomorrow. I would love to see this one, not just because of curiosity as Lars Von Triers movies are always quite surprising and unexpected but the actual trailer and poster made me extremely curious. It is not so much due to the storyline but the images and photography look stunning. The plan would be to go to the Barbican centre on a Monday and enjoy their offer of 5 pounds per ticket. I believe that they will be showing the movie for a week or two, not that long at all.

I just realized I have not done a single post in about 4 months, I was aware some time had passed since the last one but I did not expect it to be this long. Since I moved back to London life has been slightly hectic, between working and job hunting there is little time to devote to anything else. Either I am too tired or end up leaving the house. I keep doing the usual daily research and reading all the blogs and magazines just have not been able to post. Adding to the above stated melancholia has pretty much been my current state of mind. If in Lisbon I was not doing money at least I was working in something that made me happy and catered to my creative needs. Here on the other hand I make money, pay my rent and my bills but have not yet managed to find the job I want. With two degrees, four internships and a handful of experience it should be an easier task.


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